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Survival Architecture Programme

Pouchulu architect




16 - Books, lectures, workshop, educational programme

Books written by Pouchulu can be found below. For articles, magazines and press information go here. Upon request you can buy a digital copy, with the exception of Architectural Fictions. From left to right, La Arquitectura de la Disociacion (1994), Spanish, limited edition, typewriting machine, illustrated by the Author, 130 pages, Buenos Aires / Behind the Time -Image, Language and Significance of Time in Art- (1998), English, hard cover, limited edition, 61 pages, London / Architectural Fictions, Part I (2002), Art Book, hard cover, limited edition, 63 pages, Munich / Do Drawings Still Dream of Architecture? (2004) e-book, 65 pages, Munich / Habitat Change: Time for Survival Architecture (2018) English, e-book (print expected 2020), 230 pages, London.

Habitat Change Lecture

The Habitat Change Lecture is a two hours presentation about up-to-date environmental facts in relation with architecture and urbanism, explaining principles of climate and oceanography, pointing how our Habitat is rapidly deteriorating because of us, and why Earth's species -including us- are experiencing Habitat loss and face extinction. The current ice-free Arctic event and subsequent positive feedbacks that accelerate Global Warming are analysed. Imminent environmental paradigms are explained.

Habitat Change Workshop

The Survival Architecture Programme is offered as a two weeks design workshop for undergraduate and graduate student from archietcture and any discipline. In the first week they will receive up-to-date facts about Earth's biology, including concepts mentioned above. During the second week, imminent environmental paradigms will be analysed: hot, cold, wet, floating, in order to produce original architectural programmes. Students will sketch new architectures exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Habitat Change Unit

The Survival Architecture Programme is as a one year architecture course for last-year students. It is a design unit focused on a deeply study of the current Earth's habitat crisis. Pouchulu gives six lectures on a roll, in two sets of lectures. Students receive up-to-date facts about geological, climate and oceanographic principles, including concepts mentioned above in relation with architecture and urbanism. They work on one short design exercise and a final project. They are urged to use audacity to present architectural design solutions.

The main goal of the Survival Architecture Programme is to plant a seed in the spirit of future young professionals, who will face the unprecedented challenge of Habitat loss.



Find Pouchulu's profile here, and a detailed Curriculum Vitae.

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Contact Pouchulu here, or send an email to: architect@pouchulu.com For more information in Deutsch, English, Español and Français, go here.

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