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Books written by Pouchulu can be found below. For articles, magazines and press information go here. Upon request you can buy a digital copy, with the exception of Architectural Fictions.

La Arquitectura de la Disociacion (1994), Spanish, limited edition, typewriting machine, illustrated by the Author, 130 pages, Buenos Aires.

Behind the Time -Image, Language and Significance of Time in Art- (1998), English, hard cover, limited edition, 61 pages, London.  

Architectural Fictions, Part I (2002), Art Book, hard cover, mock-up, Munich. Revised limited edition, 2012, 63 pages, Buenos Aires.

Do Drawings Still Dream of Architecture? (2004) e-book, 65 pages, London.

Habitat Change: Time for Survival Architecture (2018) English, e-book (print expected 2020), 230 pages, Sao Paulo.

Habitat Change Lecture

The Habitat Change Lecture is a two hours presentation about up-to-date environmental facts in relation with architecture and urbanism, explaining principles of climate and oceanography, pointing how our Habitat is rapidly deteriorating because of us, and why Earth's species -including us- are experiencing Habitat loss and face extinction. The current ice-free Arctic event and subsequent positive feedbacks that accelerate Global Warming are analysed. Imminent environmental paradigms are explained.

Habitat Change Workshop

The Survival Architecture Programme is offered as a two weeks design workshop for undergraduate and graduate students from architecture and any discipline. In the first week they receive up-to-date facts about Earth's sciences, including conservation biology, oceanography and climatology. During the second week, imminent environmental paradigms are analysed: hot, cold, wet, floating, in order to produce original architectural programmes. Students sketch new architectures exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Habitat Change Unit

The Survival Architecture Programme is either a semester or a full year architecture course for last-year students or graduates. It is a design unit focused on a deeply study of the current Earth's habitat crisis. Pouchulu gives six lectures on a roll. Students receive up-to-date facts about geological, climate and oceanographic principles, including concepts mentioned above in relation with architecture and urbanism. They work on a short design exercise and a final project. They are urged to use audacity to present architectural design solutions.

The goal of Survival Architecture Programme is to plant a seed in the spirit of future young professionals, who will face the unprecedented challenge of Habitat loss.



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