Earth's Habitat Change

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15 - Online Resources

The following documents are organized as follow: general information, continents, atmosphere, oceans, species, Solar System, energy, geoingeneering, predictions, preparedness. Source criteria, from top to bottom: state-run institutions, observatories, researchers, papers, magazines, blogs. My recognition to NASA (GISS, NOOA), Max Plank Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency, Scientific American magazine. I would like to honour Jacques-Ives Cousteau (1910-97), father of ecology and oceanography, who relentlessly alerted the world about Habitat Change.

"The Polluted Air", Vol. 89/4. Time magazine pioneered with this historic issue, back in 1967. We were warned, but after fifty years we triggered positive feedback climate events at exponencial rates of destruction. Photo: courtesy Time, from Pouchulu's archives.

1- Climate documents (pdf format, also listed in categories below)'s-Climate-Change-Endangerment-Finding.pdf

2- Climate Monitoring (NASA, NOAA, IEA, PNAS, JMA)

3- Global Cooling: Solar Cycles (SSRC, IEVPC)

4- Global Warming (blogs, education) (list of links)

5- Global Warming (science magazines)

6- Global Warming (U.S. Library of Congress, Bibliographies & Resource Lists)

7- Global Warming (newspapers)

8- Abrupt event (mass extinction)

9- Arctic (meltdown)—-and-scarier-—-than-anyone-thought/ar-BBhZntw

10- Arctic (methane release, carbon permafrost)

11- Antarctic (melting glaciers, algae)

12- Greenland (melting, sea level)

13- Fires (Alaska, Siberia)

14- Atmosphere (continents, temperature) 

15- Oceans (sea level, acidification, methane, reefs, algae) html

16- Species (invertebrate and vertebrate, migrations, extinction rate)

17- Solar System (Mars colonization)

18- Solar System (Earth) 19- Energy (alternative, solar, nuclear) 

20- Geoingenieering (general articles) 

21- Online encyclopedias: theories, biographies–Paleogene_extinction_event 

22- Predictions (models up to 2080) 

23- Preparedness (organizations)

23- Lectures (Carl Sagan, 1990 video)

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